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JS: I’m Jeremy Scahill, coming to you from the offices of The Intercept in New York City, and this is episode 50 of Intercepted. Steve Doocy: The new National Security Council chief, that man right there, John Bolton, who, just like you Geraldo, has a big mustache. Geraldo Rivera: I was going to say, Steve, it’s about time that the administration has brought to the, to its core a man with a mustache. I was going to complain bitterly about it, I was this close as you can get to a mustachioed adviser to the president. JS: Donald Trump is once again shaking up his administration and the recent shuffles and new blood is an ominous sign that things actually can get worse — much worse. A veteran torturer and destroyer of evidence, Gina Haspel, has been nominated as CIA director. Mike Pompeo, who is a right-wing Christian supremacist is now slated to become the U.S.’s top diplomat at the State Department. And last, and perhaps most dangerous, is John Bolton as national security adviser. That post, national security adviser does not require Senate confirmation and that means that barring some unusual intervention from Congress, John Bolton is going to be the chief voice in Trump’s ear on foreign policy, national security, and war. John Bolton: I think the retaliation should not be proportionate. I think it should be decidedly disproportionate.

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